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Kottmann – Faucets

Kottmann offers in combination with its range of different hose types, a complete series of faucets manufactured according to the German high-quality standard. The shown line includes:

Washstand – Faucet „Linea“

Bathtub – Faucet „Lahja“

Kitchen – Faucet „Livia“

Wall-Mount Kitchen Faucet „Leah“

Bidet Faucet „Leandra“

These sets are offered in sales-promoting individual packaging units. The set contents as well as the packaging design can be adapted to accommodate customer wishes.

All faucets are equipped with Flühs faucet cartridges and with Kottmann hoses. Also available offering a water saving function.

Kottmann – Faucets built-in parts

Catalog PROMIX 35/40 (PDF)