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About us - the Kottmann brand

MHK Systems GmbH
Zur Helle 24
58638 Iserlohn / Germany

Phone: +49 (0)2374/ 75855-35
Email: info@kottmann.eu
Web: www.kottmann.eu

The Kottmann brand – what’s behind it
The MHK Systems GmbH is a medium-sized, international company of the sanitary industry. Founded in 2017 as an assembly operation for sanitary products, MHK acquired the licensing rights of the Kottmann brand and the machine park for shower hose manufacturing from the Kottmann Technology GmbH in 2019. Well-chosen employees of the sanitary branch support the brand in further advancing and keeping „the Made in Germany“ seal of quality.

The Kottmann brand – Expertise and Know How
The employees of the MHK Systems GmbH can look back on years of know how and expertise in the production of hoses and hose connectors. In close collaboration with our international customers and their demands, we develop and manufacture high-quality hoses and hose systems for numerous areas of application in two European locations.

The Kottmann brand – System development for our customers
Our worldwide certifications offer us the possibility to adapt our technology to the country-specific demands of legally-binding drinking water regulations and to be able to offer need-based services to our customers. Of course it is at the same time our aim to develop products and to be able to offer the best solutions to our customers. Our engineers work daily in narrow cooperation with the distribution division towards reaching this vision.

Kottmann – Made in Germany
„Kottmann – Made in Germany“ stands for German engineering achievement and the development of customized and ideal systems for our customers all over the world.

MHK Systems GmbH – Your contact
The MHK Systems GmbH is at your side as a reliable supplier and partner for all kinds of service inquiries. Please contact us via info@mhksystems.de, get in touch with us via the contact form or use it to order our product catalogue. We are happy to assist you any time!